Ram Leela 2023

In an unprecedented celebration of Indian culture and tradition, London, England, played host to its very first Ram Leela event on October 30, 2023. The event attracted an array of distinguished guests, including the likes of Paul Scully, the IT Minister of the United Kingdom, and Elliot Colburn MP, the Member of Parliament representing Carshalton, UK. Adding to the grandeur of the occasion were notable figures such as Colin Stears, Mayor’s Charities – London Borough of Sutton, Sanjay Singh from the India in UK (High Commission of India, London), Sunil Chopra, Former Mayor of Southwark, and Ravi Sharma of RJ Lyca gold. The event was further graced by encouraging messages from Ram Vilas Sharma, the former Education Minister of Haryana.
Behind this monumental cultural extravaganza was the dedicated community group known as Sutton Friends, which comprises over 1000 Indian-origin families residing in and around Sutton. Operating under the banner of “friends of Sutton,” these individuals united with a shared commitment to celebrate their rich cultural heritage and to share it with the broader London community.
The organization of this extraordinary event was spearheaded by Praveen Kumar, with unwavering support from individuals like Ashish Jain, Amol Chaudhry, Anup Kabra, Manish Sahal, Ashish Aggarwal and Bhavesh Jhaveri. Notably, all the talented artists who graced the stage were drawn from the local community, offering inspiration to those taking their first steps onto the stage.
The event took place at the renowned Thomas Wall Theatre in Sutton and was broadcast to a global audience through live links on YouTube. As the event came to a close, attendees were treated to not only a sumptuous bhojan prasad but also the serving of 1000 plates of food, fostering a sense of prosperity and unity among all present.
With over 35 talented artists, a dedicated team of more than 130 volunteers, and a vast viewership spanning across London and India, this event marked a turning point in cultural celebrations. Notably, a state-of-the-art 7*2 meter LED wall was employed for scene backgrounds, adding a mesmerizing dimension to the experience and making it an unforgettable celebration of culture and heritage.
This inaugural Ram Leela event has carved its place in London’s cultural landscape, emerging as a symbol of pride for Indian culture on the global stage. However, in-person viewership this year was restricted by the hall’s capacity. In an exciting development, Sutton Friends, with the backing of MPs and the local community, have expressed their commitment to make next year’s event even larger and grander. This expansion aims to allow more people from across London to enjoy the cultural spectacle that is Ram Leela. The event’s potential for growth promises an even more magnificent celebration of Indian heritage, eagerly anticipated by audiences in the city and beyond. Praveen Kumar’s outstanding contributions in bringing this festival to life have earned him well-deserved accolades, marking this event as a historic milestone in the realm of cultural celebrations.

Join us in celebrating the triumph of good over evil by supporting our upcoming Ram Leela event. Your donation will help us bring this traditional Indian performance to life and make it a success. 

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AS per UNESCO its “Intangible Culture Heritage of Humanity” originally proclaimed in 2005
Ramlila, the traditional performance of the Ramayana – intangible heritage – Culture Sector – UNESCO

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